We see God’s grace and human activity working together in the relationship of faith and good works.  God’s grace calls forth human response and discipline.

The United Methodist Church believes God's love for the world is an active and engaged love, a love seeking justice and liberty. We cannot just be observers. 

Our missions are a way for members and friends to actively reach out to spread our love in the community and in the world around us.  Our Missions Team promotes a monthly opportunity to give to persons and programs in need.  For example, here is the Mission of the month for September:

We will be supporting Heifer International, a multinational organization that provides domestic animals to families in need.  These animals produce milk, eggs or meat to add protein to diets.  They may also produce wool or leather to sell or make into clothing.  Heifer International is known as an outstanding missions organization.

Other missions include:

Our monthly Community Meal, held at 6PM on the 4th Sunday of each month, a free dinner with everyone welcome!

Here are some of the schools supplies that we helped distribute in August to families in need