Each week we gather for worship, to praise God, to gather in prayer, and to grow in our faith.  During the school year (September to May) Our worship times are 8:15 (Praise Service) and 10:45 (Traditional Service). During the summer (June-August) we have one worship service at 9:00 and alternate styles.  Worship is meant to be the fuel that strengthens us to go out and do God's work during the week.  It is meant as the place of refuge when the storms of life are raging around us.  It is the time where we can find the quiet center in our being.  It is a time to be with God.

Worship takes many forms and means different things to each person who gathers.  We worship in two different styles: traditional and praise.  During the summer we alternate between the two styles.  Both services draw upon the same theme and have the same message but do so in different ways.  The traditional service draws on the typical patterns of worship used in the church for centuries.  There is balance between music, prayer, scripture, and liturgy.  The instrument of choice is the organ, often accompanied by a choir and once a month with hand bells.  Our praise service is lead by a team of musicians usually including guitar, bass, piano, and drums.  The music typically more lively, upbeat, and modern.

Worship is intended for people of all ages from the youngest child to the oldest adult, all our welcome.  There is no better praise to God than the cry of a baby.  We know that at times young ones (and old ones too) can get antsy in worship.  We have small bags for kids to help keep them happy.  If it helps to take a baby or child out of worship, there is a quiet space available with a rocker.

About once a month (usually the first Sunday) we celebrate Communion or the Lord's Supper.  This is an act of remembrance of the love and sacrifice that comes to us in the breaking of bread and the sharing of a cup.  We celebrate open communion which means that anyone who wants can come to the table and share in God's grace!

We hope to see you in worship soon.