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From the Pastor's Desk 1/28/2022

Last week, we heard Jesus read from the prophet Isaiah in his hometown synagogue. This week we hear the actual sermon Jesus preaches on this scripture. Like most sermons, this one is received with mixed reactions. It's one thing to hear the hometown hero read beautiful words, but quite another to listen to those words challenge our comfort zones! Join us for worship online, on TV, or in person this Sunday, as Christ offers us Good News (even when it sounds like bad news)!

We continue to monitor closely the COVID case numbers in Kandiyohi County. Right now, those numbers don't look good. If we do not see a downward trend by this time next week, the COVID Response Team may determine that we need to return to online-only worship for a short time. Please be in prayer for those who are sick, and those who care for the sick. Pray for people who risk exposure every day because of their job responsibilities. By now it should go without saying, but I will say it anyway: wear a mask, limit close contact, and if you can be vaccinated, get vaccinated.

Next week you will have an opportunity to sign up for a small group as we embark on an all-congregation reading of Unbinding Your Heart by Martha Grace Reese. Discussion groups will meet at various times each week, so there will be a time and place that works for your schedule. Of course, we will have at least one group meeting on Zoom! The study starts the week of February 20th, and runs for six weeks. Be praying for the Holy Spirit to unbind each of our hearts!

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