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From the Pastor's Desk 10/22/2021

As I visited a pastor friend, I admired his wall full of crosses. "That's quite a collection," I said. He replied, "Every cross is a gift." Now, as my own collection of crosses grows, I can say the same thing. Every one I own - except for the Jerusalem cross I bought in Bethlehem - is a gift. This week Jesus meets Blind Bartimaeus on the way to ... the cross. Bart will ask for mercy, and Jesus will respond with the same question he put to James and John last week: "What do you want me to do for you?" Instead of glory, however, Bartimaeus asks for his sight to be restored. When Jesus heals him, Bartimaeus follows Jesus to ... the cross.

Will you join us for worship this week, either in person on Sunday at 9:30 AM, or through our recorded service? However you worship, know that there is always room at the cross for you. Every cross is a gift.

Join me at 10:30 Sunday in the former Pastor's Study (now the 'conference room') for TALKBACK - we can discuss the sermon, scripture, or whatever is on your mind! Here's the Zoom link, if you'd like to join the conversation remotely. See you in church, Church! - Pastor Jo Anne

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