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From the Pastor's Desk 10/29/2021

This Sunday we baptize Maya Nelson, as she confirms her faith in Jesus Christ along with Amelia Hettver and Amber Ronning. It will be a day of celebration, and I hope you can join us for worship in person. The online worship service includes their statements of faith, but the actual sacrament of baptism and the rite of Confirmation will only happen in person at 9:30 AM Sunday.

The gospel reading for this week takes us into Jerusalem, where Jesus has been engaged in debate with the scribes and Pharisees. One of those scribes acknowledges the truth of what Jesus is saying, and Jesus tells him, "You aren't far from the kingdom of God."

As we rejoice in the faith of our three confirmands this week, may your own faith be kindled anew, and may you find yourself at least one step closer to the kingdom of God.

See you in church, Church!

Pastor Jo Anne

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