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From the Pastor's Desk 11/5/2021

This Sunday, we celebrate all the saints who've gone before, who stand with us now, and who will follow after us. We also grieve our losses of the past 18-20 months - not only those loved ones who have died, but other losses we've suffered through the course of this pandemic.

In fact, the entire service follows the shape of biblical lament - we will name God, name our complaints, ask God to act, and end in praise and thanksgiving for God's steadfast love. If you watch online, you will want to have some Communion elements ready. And maybe a bowl of water to remember your baptism.

But the month of worship celebrations doesn't end there!

On November 14th, you'll get a report from our Charge Conference, which will be Thursday, November 11th on Zoom, with District Superintendent Laurie Kantonen presiding. We will also install new lay leaders in that service, as they prepare to begin serving in January.

Then November 21st brings us a double celebration! Christ the King (the "New Year's Eve" of the church year) and Thanksgiving Sunday, when we will celebrate God's bounty (giving you Thanksgiving Eve to spend with your families).

Finally, November 28th ushers in the season of Advent, celebrating anticipation of Christ's coming as Emmanuel, God With Us. Each Sunday has something special to offer, so you might want to invite a friend to join you in worship!

See you in church, Church! - Pastor Jo Anne

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