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From the Pastor's Desk 12/22/21

First, let me tell you all just how grateful I am for each of you! Your resilience and commitment over these past 18 months are an inspiration. And your flexibility as we have navigated COVID protocols through the ups and downs of this pandemic have made my job so much easier than it might have been! So thank you. As we watch the daily case numbers and the 7-day positive test averages decline, I am breathing a sigh of relief. We can worship together for Christmas Eve after all. Thanks be to God. We can even sing a few of the carols, if we stay masked.

But there's one thing we can't do. At the end of the service, when it is time to extinguish your candle after Silent Night, please don't remove your mask to blow out the candle! Let it burn through Joy to the World, and an usher will then dismiss you by rows, providing a safe way to dispose of your candle as you leave. Of course, we have glow sticks for the children, and if you'd feel safer with one of those, that's fine, too! The important thing is that we will gather as the Body of Christ to remember both Christ's birth and his death and resurrection.

Remember that worship for December 26th is online only. I have previewed the worship service provided to us by the Conference, and I think you will find it inspirational and encouraging. May the peace of Christ rule your hearts this Christmas! Pastor Jo Anne

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