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From the Pastor's Desk 2/4/2022

When Jesus calls his first disciples, he finds them where are - fishermen plying their trade on Lake Gennesaret - and joins them in their boat. "Go out into the deep water," he tells Simon. It doesn't make sense, but Simon obeys. Join us in worship on Sunday, or online anytime to learn what happens next, and why it matters to us. This is Communion Sunday, so if you are worshiping from home, be sure to have some Communion elements with you - some bread and a cup of water work just fine.

Get ready for our all-church reading of Unbinding Your Heart, beginning the week of February 20th! These six weeks of studying, praying, and hearing God speak into our lives together can change your life. I'm not exaggerating! But you'll only get out of it what you are willing to put in, so click on the book to learn more and sign up for a discussion group that meets when and where it works best for you.

See you in church, Church! Pastor Jo Anne

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