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From the Pastor's Desk 4/1/2022

The robins have returned, Confirmation students are planning an Easter Egg hunt for the younger children, and our Unbinding conversations are drawing to a close. Or are they? Carole V. would like to stay connected to our church via regular Zoom calls - maybe you'd like to join her? Some groups are identifying barriers in our building that could be removed at little cost - maybe you have some ideas to share with Trustees, too? Each week, new prayers are added to the prayer wall - and we are beginning to see gratitude for answered prayers, as well! Has your prayer life grown over these past weeks?

It's Spring, and this is just the beginning of a new season in our church, one we've been working toward for more than a year. This Sunday brings us the story of Peter walking on the water to meet Jesus.

We also celebrate Holy Communion, remembering Christ's great sacrifice for us, as well as our own commitment to "be for the world the Body of Christ, redeemed by his blood."

See you in church, Church!

- Pastor Jo Anne

P.S. Remember to invite someone to worship for Palm Sunday worship at 10:30 next week, and the potluck meal that follows!

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