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From the Pastor's Desk 5.6.2022

This Sunday continues the Easter theme of hope in resurrection - how are you doing on your "21 Days of Hope"? I see some of you faithfully carrying out your 'assignments' on social media, and I am so grateful for your witness!

This Sunday is also "Mother's Day" - and for some, this day brings painful memories. We don't make a big deal about Mother's Day at Willmar UMC. (It isn't a religious holiday, anyway - some call it a "Hallmark Holiday," a marketing tool to get us to spend more money!) We'll offer a Prayer for All Mothering People to bless all those who have 'mothered' us in our lives, but please don't let any negative feelings about Mother's Day keep you away from worship.

We will celebrate our Sunday School workers this Sunday, the final day of Sunday School before summer, so do come help us thank them for their faithfulness!

Finally, you may be aware that a new, theologically conservative Methodist denomination launched this week, the Global Methodist Church. What does this mean for United Methodists? UM News has a great article exploring that big question and addressing some related, commonly asked questions. There's a lot going on this month! Know that I continue to pray for each of you, as you look for hope during Eastertide. See you in church, Church! - Pastor Jo Anne

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