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From the Pastor's Desk 7.16.2021

We are gearing up for Vacation Bible School next week! Please pray for the 18 children who have registered (and the ones who will show up later!), the adults who are leading and preparing snacks, crafts, and games, and for our fearless leader, Lynn Van Nurden, as she keeps us all on track to share Jesus. I hope I can share some highlights of Vacation Bible School with you next week. In the meantime ...

The word Mark uses for "compassion" has its roots in the Greek word for intestines. In other words, compassion is gut-wrenching when we experience it the same way Jesus does. Join us on Sunday in worship to hear more, or watch the service online (or on WRAC) to consider how Jesus calls us to show compassion to those around us. See you in church, Church! - Pastor Jo Anne

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