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From the Pastor's Desk 8/6/2021

The flow of traffic through the Grandma's Attic rummage sale has been steady since 7 am - but there are still great bargains waiting for you until 2 pm today, and then Saturday morning 8-noon. New treasures are being revealed as others go out the door, so come! This Sunday brings us to the middle of our series on Bread for All from John 6. Jesus digs a little deeper into what it means to ingest eternal life. In the first century, these were the words that opponents of The Way used to discount followers of Jesus as cannibals. But Jesus is not inviting us to eat each other, figuratively OR literally! Join us at 9:30 in person (masks are not required, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, masks are available), or online. See you in church, Church!

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