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From the Pastor's Desk 9/17/2021

We've been working our way through the letter from James this month. So far, James has encouraged us to accept all people without showing favoritism to the rich. He’s taught us to listen first and speak second, and when we do speak, to mind our tongues. This week, James goes even deeper into what it means to follow Jesus. He shows us the difference between letting our lives be governed by heavenly wisdom and settling for earthly wisdom. I think of it as the difference between fishing for rainbow trout or ... carp. Hope you'll join us, in person at 9:30 AM Sunday, or online whenever you can. And if you worship online or via WRAC, you can let us know you were 'present' by texting "HERE" to our new texting line: 320-337-8331!

See you in church, Church! - Pastor Jo Anne

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