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From the Pastor's Desk 9/24/2021

This week closes out our series on James - Faith Works! By now, you probably have memorized the idea, "To have a faith that works, you need to work your faith." Most of James' teaching about working our faith has to do with the way we behave with one another. Minding our tongues, listening before speaking, treating the poor with the same regard we treat the rich, demonstrating heavenly wisdom focused on others (instead of earthly wisdom focused on ourselves) - these are all ways we show the love of Christ at work in us. This week, James encourages us to "pray for one another" - and this is the only time in the entire New Testament we are told to do this. Imagine, though, what an impact our prayers for each other might have on our whole community. "The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective."

Speaking of praying for each other, I ask you to pray for some of our Sunday School children who have tested positive for COVID. Children under 12 are among the most vulnerable, since they cannot yet be vaccinated. Please remember to wear your mask in church, even if you have been immunized, to avoid spreading a virus that may not infect you even if you are carrying it. Let's follow John Wesley's first general rule: Do No Harm.

See you in church, Church! - Pastor Jo Anne

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